Myall Quint

Team capitan 

Scout History: Cubs & Scouts with 2nd Mortdale, Venturers with 1st Narwee (Queen's Scout awardee), Rovers with 1st Narwee, Region Team South Metropolitan Region, Vic Scouts MTB Team

Back in the 90's, Myall (aka "El Capitano", aka "Yes I have my ID", aka "I wonder if I'll have 3 day growth after this 10 day race") had a dream - to team up with Hulk Hogan & defeat The Dudley Boyz to win the WWF Tag Team title! Luckily, he changed the TV channel & stumbled on a show called Eco Challenge. Realising this was probably a more realistic option, he set the plan in motion to one day take on the challenge that is the #WorldsToughestRace !

An accomplished adventure racer, Myall has competed in multiple long format races both in Australia & New Zealand, most recently competing in Coast to Coast 2020 BC (you know, Before Corona).

Never being able to sit still for very long (or at all really), Myall founded Team Scouts as a way of putting his Scouting learned skills to the test. It's also provided many an opportunity to bust out in song and blame it on sleep deprivation if the singing is no good or the lyrics too obscure (Hello Ziggy Stardust).

Taking on this challenge also provided the first time that Myall &

Bear Grylls

were ever seen in the same place. Although rumoured that Myall & Bear were the same person as they look very similar, it turned out that they are really two different people who move in two v e r y different circles.Did Myall lead the team to the finish line? Was packing his razor really necessary? Did he again mistake an energy gel for vaseline? All this & more will be revealed when The #WorldsToughestRace drops on

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